Gokte Tunc, an artist who has been using "industrial wastes" as a medium in performing her art for over a decade is making her appearance with latest exhibition of her current works, the"Circle" at Gallery G-Art, in Beyoglu. 

At its new art space on the Kumbaraci Yokuşu in Galata, Gallery G Art is hosting yet another of it's excitingly unique sequence of exhibitions for this season. 

Continuing with her performance of utilising industrial 'left-overs', Gokte Tunc has added a new material, the mirror surface, to her works. The notion of 'circle' in both the physical and metaphysical context symbolises the eternal turn and endless energy. It signifies the change, the evolution, the order and chaos, conducting us to think about it while urging our apprehension of these illusions in form and colour in every different direction, questioning the reality. 

These aesthetic works causing our perception to wander from reality to illusion is actually in a perfect balance and conformity within its intertwined spirals just like nature itself and we automatically connect with their reference to nature in real life while observing them. There is a tranquil and minimal order and balance in these forms however massy and dense they may seem. The randomly striped lines of circles lead to  the maintenance of a perfectly executed order of forms. This is the notion of "entropy", minimum energy and maximum chaos; the secret of absolute balance and minimalism. 

The artist uses mainly two colours: blue and white. White is the symbol of eternity while blue is that of the  hidden, the secret and the unknown.

The works of square forms, on the other hand, traps the circles within its sharp contours and acts as the door  opening to another realm. After a while you don't see the square contour anymore and depending on your angle of sight,  you stop perceiving the exact shape. 

We realise, at the end, that the "circles" frequently encountered in daily life actually are uniting, linking and binding forms;  sometimes making meaningful what seems meaningless at first sight. 

Gokte Tunc's exhibition "CIRCLE" can be seen from 15 April to 15 may at G-Art Gallery in Galata, Beyoglu. Visiting hours are: Tuesday thru Saturday from 11am to 7pm.